Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of the session is determined by the expert's hourly rate and the duration of the session. To see the cost of a session, click on the date you are interested in from the expert's schedule and view the duration and price options for each session. There are no subscription or sign-up fees to use Expert Session.

Expert Session is a platform that allows anyone to discover and book top experts across a variety of topics to receive personalized advice, guidance, and answers to their questions in a live video session.

For Experts

Yes, experts have the ability to set their own rates, schedules, and expectations for their sessions, giving them control, flexibility, and autonomy over their knowledge-based business. There are no limits on how much you can earn.

Our experts are not required to meet specific qualifications or credentials in order to create a profile since we understand that verifying expertise can vary significantly depending on the topic and service offering.  Instead, experts are evaluated in the open market by users based on their provided Expert Profile Page information and a rating and review system.

To sign up as an Expert on Expert Session, create an Expert Profile Page outlining your expertise, bio, and any relevant certifications or credentials to showcase to users what types of sessions you are qualified to provide.  If you offer professional services as a certified expert, ensure compliance with online service laws and any Telehealth regulations within your industry and state jurisdiction. You must also agree to the terms of service and maintain compliance to be listed on the marketplace and receive bookings.

Expert Session is free for Experts to sign up and create an expert profile page.

Our business model is straight-forward: when you host a successful session, you’ll take home 80% from every session you complete and we’ll retain 20% as a simple service fee. This per-session fee covers all costs related to providing a secure, user-friendly platform, a shareable, bookable profile, messaging, and secure payment processing. There are no hidden costs, additional monthly platform fees, or ongoing subscription costs.

Our cost structure is designed to be transparent and ensures that we only make money when you do. You won't be charged any ongoing costs if you aren't earning on the platform. We believe in your expertise and are committed to ensuring that you receive the majority of the session revenue.

Expert Session is suitable for online coaches, consultants, advisors, teachers, influencers, content creators, and industry subject matter experts looking to create scalable businesses by sharing their expertise with eager learners.

For Session Seekers

To become an Expert and start offering your own sessions on Expert Session, you can sign up and create your free account here.

No! Creating an account is free, with no commitments or fees to discover experts. You only pay when you book a session.

You can search for experts by name, topic, or what you are hoping to learn using the search bar at the top of the page or by exploring our Expert Marketplace.

To book a session, start by clicking on the profile of the expert you want to book with. Then, go to the right side of their profile to view their schedule and find a date and time that works for both of you. Once you have selected a suitable slot, confirm your checkout and prepare to join your session.

On Expert Session, you can book various session types, including:

  • Q&A: Your specific questions answered by reliable experts
  • General Guidance and Advice: Seek advice, feedback, and direction from qualified experts in different fields.
  • Skill Development: Learn specific skills or techniques in a personalized 1:1 class.
  • Academic Tutoring: Get personalized lessons and academic support.
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions: Receive 1:1 coaching online to help reach your goals and improve your skills.
  • Problem-solving and Consultation: Address specific challenges with industry professionals.
  • Online Professional Services: Consult with certified professionals ranging from health and wellness to legal and financial advice.

You can explore the Expert Marketplace to find experts offering these types of sessions and more.

The length of the sessions is determined by the Expert and can be found by clicking on a date from the Expert's schedule on their profile page. Session duration options typically include 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour, and so on!

Expert Session is designed for anyone seeking personalized learning experiences, guidance, and expert advice across various disciplines. We welcome students, professionals, entrepreneurs, or hobbyists looking to acquire new skills or knowledge. We also welcome businesses and organizations to use Expert Session to connect their employees or members with industry experts for professional development, upskilling, or problem-solving purposes.